3-0104 Polaroid YMCKT Full Color Ribbon – 250 Image


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Polaroid’s YMCKT 250-image ribbon is designed specifically for use with the Polaroid P3000E, P4000E, and P5000E (P3000 & P4000). ID Card printers. This ribbon configuration yields 250 full-color images. Our color print ribbons deliver superior image quality for your photos, graphics, and logos.For your Lowest Price Guarantee call: 1-800-688-6373

Polaroid’s YMCKT 250-image high-quality ribbon and cleaning supplies are designed specifically for use with Polaroid P3000E, P4000E, and P5000E (P3000 & P4000 also included) ID Card printers.


  • Advanced Color Technology – Prints the most crisp and vivid photos, graphics, and text in the industry
  • Intelligent Ribbon Technology – Auto-adjusts printer settings and configuration while tracking usage.
  • Easy-to-use Error-free loading – Reduces down time by easily replacing used ribbons.
  • YMCKT full color ribbon
  • 250 images per roll
  • For use with the following Polaroid ID card printers:
    • P3000
    • P3000E
    • P4000
    • P4000E

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