Photo ID Cards

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Photo ID Cards are what  you’ll typically present when somebody asks for a valid identification card. Together with a small portrait photo, photo ID cards usually bear the name, address, birth date or age, company position, company or school logo, nationality,  and the signature of the bearer.

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Photo ID Cards contain these details needed to verify your identity when doing official transactions, requesting for access, and many others. There are countries where governments issue single photo ID cards that serve as national ID, voter’s ID, and for medical  and social security claims.

Photo ID Cards

Photo ID cards used around the world:

  • Passports
  • Driver’s License
  • School IDs
  • Employee IDs
  • State IDs

Especially now when reported cases of identity theft are rising, it is vital to have a secure way of producing  photo ID cards, whether this would be a school ID, driver’s license or a passport. Although government-issued photo IDs are the most common type, photo ID cards are also used in different environments or places.  Office employees are issued photo ID cards to gain access to the premises and to distinguish personnel with different levels of security clearance to restricted facilities. There are photo ID cards that serves as an employee’s attendance and time card.

Photo ID Cards

When choosing the right printer for your Photo ID Cards, you must considered these factors:

What printing method do you prefer? For a small-scale operation, a direct-to-card printing method would be sufficient enough. Direct-to-card printers are affordable  and ideal for schools and non-profit organizations that are working on a tight budget.  However, if you require highly secure photo ID cards, you might want to consider retransfer printers. In retransfer printing, the text and the images are initially printed onto a transparent, flexible film before being thermally bonded on the PVC card’s surface.  This results to more crisp and sharp images that will be destroyed if anyone tries to tamper with them.


Colored or monochrome printing? Depending upon your need or preference, decide whether a single color would suffice or if you need  to have multi-colored photo ID Cards.


Will you need security encoding? Today, most of the ID card printers give you options to include magnetic stripe encoding. This allows you to print a photo ID that can also work as a door key, financial credit card, an employee time card or an equipment rental card. Many printers also come with Smart card encoding. Determine if you need the magnetic stripe or Smart card option or if a basic printer will be enough for  your photo ID cards.


Low volume or high-volume printing? You need to consider the print volume that you require. Are you going to print a thousand photo ID cards for your employees or just a hundred for your students?  Will you be printing large volumes of photo ID cards on a regular basis or will you need to print a big batch only once a year?


What is your budget? Your budget is always a consideration. There are affordable printers but of course, its capability is not to be compared with those more expensive ones. ID card printers with secure encoding and upgraded options are more expensive. Most of these printers would allow you to do the upgrades when your budget would allow it.



It is also important you get expert advice and good customer support that can help you with issues with regards to these printers for your photo ID cards.

At, we provide excellent customer service and after-sales support for these printers.



Photo ID Cards.




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