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A personal ID card is an identity document  or a piece of identification that is used to verify aspects of a person’s identity. A personal ID card is issued in many forms and environments and can serve a number of purpose.  A personal ID card is widely used in different industries and applications.  Some of the most common personal IDsinclude student IDs, employee IDs, loyalty or membership cards,  and government IDs.  If you open your wallet right now, chances are you might have one or more of these types of personal ID card.

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A personal ID card is used mainly for basic photo identfication. Generally a personal ID card will contain a photo of the cardholder and other unique information like name, address, job position or other related data.


A personal ID card can also include special security features using barcodes, magnetic stripe encoding or smart card technology. This transforms  the personal ID card to an access card, a cashless payment card or  a time and attendance tracking system .


Different types of personal ID cards:


Employee ID – This type of personal ID card provides security to your business. The employee ID can also act as an access control for buildings; it can also be used for time and attendance tracking.

Government ID card – This kind of personal ID card often uses high security measures to protect personal information and to prevent tampering and counterfeiting.  Government iDs may include state IDs, driver’s license, firearm registrations and many more.

Healthcare ID card – This peronal ID card is used to store personal information like visits to the hospital, medical procedures, laboratory results and medical records.

School ID card – This personal ID card is issued to students, faculty and staff in an educational institution. This ID card can also be used  as a tool for library checkouts, cashless student  meal payments or attendance tracking.

Membership or Loyalty card – Retails outlets and other service-oriented establishments can use this type of personal ID card to determine their customer’s needs and to influence their buying habits.


Printing a Personal ID Card

Creating a personal ID card requires an ID card printer that can print on a durable plastic or PVC card. An ID card printer can use either of these two print methods  for your personal ID card:


Direct-to-card printing method  – As the name suggests, the direct-to-card printing is a process wherein the images are printed directly to the surface of a plastic or PVC ID card. For full color ID card  printing, the direct-to-card method that is used is the Dye Sublimation. In this process, a special print ribbon is heated beneath a thermal printhead and pressure is applied so that the ribbon is in contact with the card and the printhead rests on top of the ribbon, thereby producing a transfer of color from the ribbon to a blank ID card.


The second card printing method is the thermal retransfer technology. The retransfer technology is a process in which the printer first prints images unto a special film which is then thermally bonded directly unto the surface of a blank card.


Personal ID Card

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Personal ID Card.

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