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  • May 11, 2012 6:53 pm

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Designing your own membership card template can make your membership card more personal and can provide your members a sense of importance.  Your can create and store your membership card template using the ID card software system in your ID card printer.

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Here are some information that you should include in your membership card template :

  • Company name and logo
  • Member’s name
  • Member’s photo
  • Expiration Date


Membership Card Template 

Providing membership cards ensures that only members can take advantage of your benefits and privileges. Membership cards help  establish access control.  For example, in warehouse clubs today, only the club members and their guests can take advantage of the great discounts that they offer on a daily basis. One of the best and easiest way to do this is through an ID card printer. Using your created membership card template, you can issue ID cards to your members. Only the members and their guests are allowed to enter the warehouse club and purchase the items at discounted rates. This way you can be sure that only your members can take advantage of your many discounts and offerings.


Your membership card template can include a photo of your member, for easy visual identification. For stricter security access, you can also make use of the other security features like a barcode or a magnetic stripe to your card and have this included in your membership card template. These additional security features also allow cashiers or other employees to validate the member’s information using a store or company-wide database. Your ID card system also makes it easier for you to monitor if memberships are up to date and correct.


Having your own ID card printer system can help you issue membership cards faster and easier.  When a new member joins your warehouse club or if an existing member loses his card, you can create a new one with no trouble just  by having your own ID printer and the membership card template handy. All you need to do is to input your member’s information into a database and then use your ID card systems software to generate an ID card with specific member’s  information and photo in your membership card template. Then you can just simply print it. Your ID printer can provide you security in a matter of minutes.


Since a membership card distinguishes your member and guarantees the many benefits and privileges to its bearer, it is important that your membership card template reflects professionalism and your company’s ideals.


Different ID card printers can now provide you many features that you can employ in your membership cards. You can choose from  different security elements like magnetic stripe encoding or barcoding and add them in your membership card template designs.


Membership Card Template software at ALL ID Systems

At , we have a lot of ID printer models that can help you  design and produce high-quality membership cards.  We offer the best printer models coming from top-of-the line brands like Fargo, Polaroid, Zebra, and others, and we also have software applications recommended to by these brands that can help you with membership card template designs.

Check out our Membership Card Template softwares:

  • Asure ID 7 ID Card Maker – membership card template designer recommended for Fargo ID Card Printers
  • Polaroid ID Card Maker – membership card template designer recommended for Polaroid ID Card Printers
  • ZMotif™ CardStudio™ ID Card Maker – membership card template designer recommended for Zebra ID Card Printers

By using your own ID printer, your members are provided privileges that they can enjoy and your organization the security that it needs. Just have your membership card template ready.




Membership Card Template.

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