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The LED ID card lanyard is one type of ID card accessory that helps the cardholder to display his ID card prominently. Ordinarily, ID lanyards are made of flat lengths of woven fabric that are formed into a loop, with a clip at the end that holds the ID card. However, instead of the woven fabric, the LED ID card lanyard features unique LED lights that bring more attention to the ID card and the cardholder.

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What is LED?

LED or Light-emitting diode is a semi-conductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. The light is not particularly bright, but in most LEDs it is monochromatic, occurring at a single wavelength. This technology is popularly used in lamps and digital displays.

Uses and Benefits of LED ID Card Lanyards:

LED ID card lanyards are extremely popular for displaying ID cards because of their convenience. LED ID card lanyards make it easy for your employee to present the ID card when needed. LED ID card lanyards are also feather-weight and do not cause any burden to the cardholder who wears one around the neck.

LED ID card lanyards help reduce the risk of employees losing their ID cards. Since the lanyard is worn around the neck, the possibility of misplacing your ID card is lessened.

The LED ID card lanyard can also be used as an effective promotional tool to spread messages about products, businesses, schools or conventions.   You can add your company logo or slogan to your LED ID lanyard and it easily converts to an advertising gadget to introduce your company to the market or to entice the consumers to patronize your products.

LED ID card lanyard is also hip and fashionable. There is a growing market for this type of ID accessory from school kids and teen-agers.LED ID card lanyards will light up the dark night in a stylish and bright way. It can be used for events such as raves, turn off the light parties, and Halloween.

An LED ID card lanyard can also help keep you safe. Since it glows in the dark, the cardholder can easily be identified especially if you have an outdoor activity at night. This is also helpful for employees assigned outside the office building or at jobsites.

LED ID card lanyards are water-proof and come with batteries.

LED ID card lanyards are available at www.allidsystems.com.Aside from the LED ID card lanyards, we also have customized and standard lanyards. These lanyards help make a personal statement about your business when you add your logo or slogan to them. We also carry a complete line of other ID card accessories like badge holders, retractable ID reels, strap clips and slot punches. These accessories protect your ID cards from damage and help display your ID card when needed.

LED ID card

Should you need ID card accessories or supplies just go to www.allidsystems.com.  We carry a wide range of colors and styles for your LED ID card lanyards.



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