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Your ID card software is the considered as the brains of your ID card system. The ID card software allows you to add photos, text, and logos into your card design. Depending on the ID card software package you choose, you can incorporate a variety of security features such as bar-coding, magnetic stripe encoding, electronic signatures, thumbprints, holographic overlamination, smart card and RFID technology, and much more.

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Most ID card software packages also come with a level of database connectivity, which allows you to pull information from existing databases and outside sources, and create new databases and custom reports from within the program.

At, we have a wide selection of ID card software programs that you can choose from starting from the very basic to the most advanced.

Basic ID Card Software programs:   

Entry-level ID card software programs are typically capable of much more than the term “entry-level” implies. Built with the user in mind, these ID card software programs enable one to create professional ID badges and cards in an intuitive manner. Designing a card doesn’t need to be a complicated task. You can utilize theID card software’s built-in design templates or build custom designs from scratch. Either way, plugging text, photos, logos and other graphics into the design is a snap.  You can add security features such as barcodes and magnetic strip encoding with a few clicks of the mouse and within minutes you’ll be ready to print high quality photo ID cards.

ID card software programs can manage data, which is a key element in the process of producing ID badges. ID card software programs are capable of storing photos and large amounts of personal information in a database, enhancing the speed of the card issuing process while effectively organizing the gathered information. Additionally, it’s common for ID software programs to be able to communicate with existing databases and outside applications.

Another way that ID card software programs strive to simplify the task of creating photo IDs is in the actual image capturing process. With most programs, the software can actually communicate with the digital camera so that when a head shot is taken, the image is instantly saved with the proper dimensions and resolution, and imported directly onto the card design.

Advanced ID card software programs:

Today’s top-of-the line ID software programs are extremely versatile and powerful, capable of handling the unique demands of larger companies, government organizations, universities and corporations.

Higher-end ID card software programs enable the user to produce sophisticated multifunctional cards that utilize proximity and smart card technology, as well as exciting new advancements such as biometrics. Your corporation can issue employee ID cards that use proximity technology for building access control, along with smart chips for computer network privileges.

Other benefits include enhanced networking capabilities, which are especially helpful for large organizations that require multi-user networks and those who must issue a high volume of cards from multiple facilities. Some ID software programs also allow multiple administrators to produce ID cards and manage system databases over a corporate or local area network (LAN).

Additional advanced ID card software features include the ability to issue and track multiple cards for individual employees, handle various batch operations such as reissuing large amounts of cards, simultaneous printing and encoding, and compliance with external databases and third-party applications.

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