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  • May 17, 2012 5:40 am

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In creating an ID card sample for your business,  you would need to have the appropriate ID card printer and software. Your ID card sample can be customized to fit the style and needs of your business.  An ID card can be used as a form of identification, but with today’s technology it can also include new security features like barcodes, magnetic stripe encoding or smart chips.

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How to make an ID card sample:

An ID card sample basically contains the photo of the cardholder, name , job position, or other personal data. An ID card printer can print your ID card sample on a durable plastic or PVC card.  Depending on the ID card printer model, your ID card sample can be issued using any of these ID card print methods:

First we have the direct-to-card printing which is a process wherein the images are printed directly to the surface of a plastic or PVC ID card. If you need to print a full color ID card sample, the direct-to-card method that is used is Dye Sublimation. Dye sublimation is the most common card printing technology used by digital printers to print images directly to a card. In this process, a special print ribbon is heated beneath a thermal printhead and pressure is applied so that the ribbon is in contact with the card and the printhead rests on top of the ribbon, thereby producing a transfer of color from the ribbon to a blank ID card.

You can also use thermal retransfer technology to print your ID card sample. The retransfer technology is a process in which the printer first prints images unto a special film which is then thermally bonded directly unto the surface of a blank card. This technology has its advantages. Since you’re printing on the film rather than directly on the card, the printheads are less prone to damage which can result from contact with dust or debris on the surface of the card. Moreover, this type of card printing method will enable you to print on uneven card surfaces and gives you the ability to print on any card size or type.


You can create different ID card samples for different industries:

Employee ID card sample –  You can use your employee ID card to function as access control for buildings or computer networks, and a tool for time and attendance tracking.

Government ID card sample – Government IDs like driver’s license, firearm registrations or government employee ID cards make use of high-security features to protect the ID from tampering and unauthorized reproduction.

Healthcare ID card sample – This type of ID card uses the technology to store patient’s information like laboratory and medical procedures, medical records and hospital visits.

School ID card sample – Schools can now issue ID cards that can serve as library cards, cafeteria meal cashless payment cards, or attendance monitoring tool.

ID Card Sample

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ID Card Sample.

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